At Toronto PI ALL of our Surveillance Teams are comprised of former Police Officers who specialized in the art of conducting surveillance. All of the retired officers worked in specialized, elite, and covert units.

Our team of surveillance experts, specialize in physical, mobile, foot, and static surveillance and are trained in counter surveillance measures. The majority of the surveillance investigators were former supervisors of the Toronto Police Service, and were responsible for the training of conducting surveillance.

All of the teams and individuals are equipped with state of the art surveillance equipment which enables Toronto PI to be both accurate and accountable, and at the completion of each surveillance request is a detailed reports including photographs and videos.

Toronto PI also offers surveillance training for individuals and groups working in the security Industry.

Let Toronto PI look after ALL of your surveillance needs.


Electronic surveillance sweeps is another service offered by Toronto PI. We provide electronic surveillance sweeps of your homes, vehicles, and businesses to ensure that you, your family, or your business are not being monitored. Our investigators are using the best and latest technology to ensure your safety, and what matters to you most.