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Police Detective Mark Walsh (Ret'd) Biography

photo of Police Detective Mark Walsh (Ret'd) Biography

In 2012 Mark retired as a Detective from the Toronto Police Service after completing 31 years of service. Much of Mark’s career was spent working in various specialized and elite units within the Toronto Police Service, and he was involved in numerous highly sensitive, and complex investigations.

Mark worked in a Major Crime Unit in downtown Toronto, a District Street Level Drug Squad, the Major Project Section Drug Squad as an Undercover Operator, Undercover Handler and Surveillance Team Leader. He also worked the RCMP/Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit which targeted Organized Crime, as well at the Intelligence Division where he worked on Part 6 Investigations (Wire Taps). While at the Intelligence Division he also worked in the Major Crime Task Force, and the Impact Task Force which then became the Guns and Gangs Task Force

In the latter part of his career Mark lectured at both the Toronto Police College, and the Ontario Police College/CISO and instructed on matters of his expertise which included topics such as: Undercover Course, Plainclothes Course, Drug Course, Source Handling Course, and Source Development Course.

Mark retired as a Detective from the Intelligence Division – Covert Operations – Source Management Section where he was responsible to oversee all aspects of investigations relating to Police Confidential Informants, and Police Agents.

In 2013 Mark became a Regional Investigator with Aviva Insurance. Mark investigated very complex Insurance Fraud Investigations, and was a facilitator in conducting Concealed Validation Investigations.

In 2015 Mark and his business partner, retired Detective Brian Dakin took over the highly successful Investigation Agency, known as Toronto PI.