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At Toronto PI ALL of our Surveillance Teams are comprised of former Police Officers who specialized in the art of conducting surveillance. The former Officers have been selected from various Municipal, Regional, Provincial Police Services as well as the RCMP. They have all worked in various specialized, elite, and covert units.

Our team of surveillance experts, specialize in physical, mobile, foot, and static surveillance and are trained in counter surveillance measures. The majority of the surveillance investigators were former supervisors of the Toronto Police Service, and were responsible for the training of conducting surveillance.

Toronto PI are now capable of providing Ariel Surveillance Requests when traditional surveillance methods cannot be attained by any other means.

All of our surveillance operators are equipped with state of the art equipment which enables Toronto PI to be both accurate and accountable. At the completion of each surveillance request is a detailed report including photographs and videos (upon request).

For various reasons when conventional surveillance methods are not attainable, we have other options available such as, we have experienced investigators that have been trained in the use of GPS Tracking Devices, and Drone Devices. At the completion of these types of requests, a detailed report is provided (upon request).

Toronto PI also offers surveillance training for individuals and groups working within the security Industry.

Let Toronto PI look after ALL of your surveillance needs.