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Workplace Investigations

workplace investigation services

At Toronto PI we work with Former Police Officers who are subject matter experts in relation to ALL aspects of Workplace Investigations including but not limited to,

  • WSIB Investigations (Employer)
  • Workplace Harassment,
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment (Assault) Investigations.

With regards to the Policy and Procedures in your workplace, we are able to evaluate, enhance, create and implement change by reviewing existing policies, procedures, and training programs and making recommendations for improvements.

We realize the importance of conducting Awareness Sessions. By providing informative awareness sessions with an objective to correct any misunderstandings about ALL types of sensitive workplace issues.

We will come into the workplace and conduct thorough Investigations by conducting Interviews, securing evidence, and completing detailed reports.

In relation to WSIB Investigations, all of our surveillance investigators have the experience and the proper covert equipment to ensure that they are both accurate and accountable. The investigators are familiar with the standards, and formats on which WSIB wants the evidence to be presented to them.

Our investigators see a case through from when it is first reported to the conclusion which can be in Civil Courts, Criminal Courts and at Arbitration Hearings.

Our investigators are experienced at providing testimony at ALL levels of the Judicial system and have been routinely designated by the Courts as “expert witnesses”.